Sci3D is gMol/Gramps and openCHORD

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gMol is an interactive graphics program to display and manipulate 3-dimensional models. In spite of the Sci (for science) in the name, it can be used to display many types of objects. gMol provides the ability to read sdf, pdf and smiles files of moleculare structures. Other 3D objects, consisting of points, lines, triangles/polygons, spheres and cylinders can be created by you (or your programs) and displayed using the underlying graphics engine used by gMol. The graphics engine is Gramps, not to be confused with the genealogical programs gramps also here on sourceforge.

gMol runs under Linux, Windows and OSX. To build it requires downloading some fortran libraries as well as Qt I develop using OSX and the qtCreator IDE. There are makefiles for Linux and Windows as well as OSX.

Binaries are available at The Sci3D project for OSX and windows.

openCHORD is an extension for the postgres relational database that provides the ability to store and search molecular structures. It uses the SMILES molecular line notation extensively and uses the openBabel cheminformatics library.